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  • Change MinimumRequiredOperatingSystem default value to W10_1809 due to change in Intune expected valued #132


  • Updates Install-VcRedist, Import-VcConfigMgrApplication, Import-VcMdtApplication, and Import-VcIntuneApplication to use the output from Save-VcRedist, removing the need for the -Path parameter #123
  • Removes the following Redistributables from the manifest as they are no longer available for download from Microsoft #114:

    • Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package 8.0.56336
    • Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package 8.0.50727.42
    • Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package 9.0.21022
    • Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package 9.0.21022.218
    • Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package 9.0.30729
    • Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package 9.0.21022


  • Update for VcRedist 2022 version 14.34.31938.0


  • This update is primarily a result of code improvements through implementing additional testing and code coverage reports
  • Includes general code improvements including simplifying routines and consistent throwing behavior in the event of errors
  • Changes the output from Uninstall-VcRedist to return status codes for uninstall results
  • Updates Export-VcManifest to output a System.IO.FileSystemInfo object instead of a string
  • Fixes an issue with Get-InstalledVcRedist where is was not exporting only the installed Redistributables by default
  • Renames Test-VcRedistDownload to Test-VcRedistUri to better align with function purpose
  • Changes the Download property to URI in the Visual C++ Redistributable manifest
  • Fixes install command lines in the Visual C++ Redistributable manifest that were using noreboot instead of norestart
  • Adds internal validation when creating a drive mapping to an MDT deployment share
  • Removes private functions that were not being used or providing critical functionality


  • Update for VcRedist 2022 version 14.34.31931.0
  • Adds Test-VcRedistDownload - tests whether the download URLs from exist VcRedist passed from Get-VcList are available
  • Fixes an issue in Update-VcMdtApplication where is was not correctly updating the existing applications with the new version properties


  • Update for VcRedist 2022 version 14.32.31332.0


  • Update for VcRedist 2022 version 14.32.31326.0


  • Adds Import-VcIntuneApplication to import the Visual C++ Redistributable into a target Microsoft Intune tenant. For this release, adding assignments to the application via Import-VcIntuneApplication is not supported. The function will return the Intune application objects that can be used to add assignments with the Add-IntuneWin32AppAssignmentAllDevices function in IntuneWin32App
  • Adds private function New-TemporaryFolder
  • Updates tests for new functions
  • Updates documentation for Import-VcIntuneApplication


  • Update for VcRedist 2022 version 14.31.31103.0


  • Update for VcRedist 2022 version 14.30.30708.0
  • Update for VcRedist 2019 version 14.29.30139.0



  • Maintenance release - addresses issues identified by PSScriptAnalyzer and code style improvements


  • Adds support for Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2022, version 14.30.30704.0
  • Moves the Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update to the unsupported list of Redistributables


  • Update for VcRedist 2019 version 14.29.30135.0


  • Update for VcRedist 2019 version 14.29.30133.0
  • Fixes an issue with Import-VcConfigMgrApplication that produces an error String was not recognized as a valid DateTime. Function now uses the short date/time format of the current session when importing the application
  • Updated New-VcMdtBundle and Update-VcMdtBundle to use the short date/time format of the current session when creating or updating the bundle


  • Update for VcRedist 2019 version 14.29.30040.0


  • Update for VcRedist 2019 version 14.29.30037.0
  • Updates module to use external help MAML-based help with platyPS to make updating help content easier
  • General code improvements across various functions
  • Update module for documentation site updates


  • Updates the VcRedist manifest for VcRedist 2019 14.28.29914.0
  • Adds Path property to output from Save-VcRedist that includes the path to the downloaded VcRedist


  • IMPORTANT: This release moves the Visual C++ Redistributable 2008 to the list of unsupported Redistributables and therefore will not be returned by default by Get-VcList. See the documentation on how to retrieve the supported and unsupported list of Redistributables
  • Fixes an issue when passing the list of Redistributables to Install-VcRedist via the pipeline #77
  • Fixes an issue with the output from Save-VcRedist where it would fail to return the list of Redistributables to the pipeline when run a second time


  • Fix an issue in Get-VcList where it fails when exporting an unsupported Visual C++ Redistributable
  • Sort the list of Visual C++ Redistributables passed to Install-VcRedist by version number so that Redistributables are installed in order from oldest to newest
  • Update Save-VcRedist to not throw when attempting to download a Visual C++ Redistributable URL that returns a 404, so that it will continue to download the remaining Redistributables. See the known issues for Redistributables that are no longer available for download
  • Update Install-VcRedist to not throw when a Redistributable installer is unavailable in the target path and continue to install the remaining Redistributables. This allows this function to continue the install process when specific Redistributables are not downloaded by Save-VcRedist
  • Update Uninstall-VcRedist for pipeline support correctly. This enables commands such as Get-InstalledVcRedist | Uninstall-VcRedist


  • Updates the major version to 3 due to the introduction of a breaking change
  • Changes the folder structure used when downloading VcRedists and importing into MDT or ConfigMgr. Structure is now: Release\Version\Architecture. For example: 2019\14.28.29913.0\x64. This change has been introduced to allow importing VcRedist installers into ConfigMgr and Microsoft Intune as distinct application versions that can be used to supersede earlier versions and upgrade target PCs
  • Updates Import-VcMdtApplication to import VcRedist applications with new folder structure and naming convention. Applications will be created in the following format: Visual C++ Redistributable Release Architecture Version, for example: Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 x86 14.28.29913.0
  • Validates previous changes in Import-VcConfigMgrApplication that import VcRedist applications with new folder structure and naming convention. Applications will be created in the following format: Visual C++ Redistributable Release Architecture Version, for example: Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 x86 14.28.29913.0
  • Fixes an issue in Import-VcConfigMgrApplication when copying the VcRedist setup executable into the ConfigMgr deployment share via robocopy that reported an error even where it had successfully copied the target executable. Addresses issue: #63
  • Updates Import-VcConfigMgrApplication to copy the VcRedist setup executables individually instead of copying the entire VcRedist download folder (saved with Save-VcRedist). This allows for individual installers to be imported with only the content required for each version
  • Adds parameter -NoProgress to Save-VcRedist to allow for suppressing Invoke-WebRequest download progress while using the -Verbose parameter. Download speed if affected when Invoke-WebRequest displays the download progress
  • Updates inline help across various functions
  • Various clean-up of code for robustness, error checking and spelling


  • Updates the VcRedist manifest for VcRedist 2019 14.28.29913.0
  • Adds the UninstallKey property to the VcRedist manifest for use with adding detection methods for 32-bit or 64-bit Registry keys
  • Adds the UninstallKey to Get-InstalledVcRedist to assist with determining application detection methods (e.g. with ConfigMgr, Intune etc.)
  • Updates Import-VcConfigMgrApplication with:
  • Updates application name in the format: Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 x64 10.0.40219.325
  • Updates application detection method to detect target Registry key (in the correct 32-bit or 64-bit Registry). Addresses issue: #58
  • Adds parameter -NoCopy to allow import of VcRedist applications into without needing to copy content to the ConfigMgr deployment share
  • Various clean-up of code and spelling


  • Update VcRedist 2019 to 14.28.29325.2
  • Fix an issue where Save-VcRedist was not returning downloaded VcRedists details to the pipeline
  • Adds private function Get-DigitalSignature to return digital signature / certificate info from VcRedist installers via Get-FileMetadata


  • Update VcRedist 2019 to 14.27.29112.0
  • Update VcRedist 2017 to 14.16.27033.0
  • Update Import-VcConfigMgrApplication to support spaces in paths with ROBOCOPY
  • Rename Master branch to Main


  • Update VcRedist 2019 to 14.27.29016.0
  • Update Uninstall-VcRedist to ensure a VcRedist uninstall does not trigger a reboot


  • Update for VcRedist 2019 version 14.26.28720
  • Automate updating the VcRedist manifest for new 2019 releases
  • Update functions with new evaluations from PSScriptAnalyzer


  • Fixes an issue where Get-InstalledVcRedist was not returning installed VcRedists due to incorrect RegEx match. Improve code that filters output with the ExportAll parameter


  • Import-MdtModule - simplify code and ensure exception is thrown when module cannot be loaded
  • Get-InstalledVcRedist - update filtering for Redistributables and update code style
  • Save-VcRedist.ps1 - update inline help, remove use of Start-BitsTransfer (now only uses Invoke-WebRequest), force use of TLS 1.2, fix reference to ProxyCredential parameter, fix output of downloaded VcRedists to the pipeline
  • Update-VcMdtApplication.ps1 - ensure correct path in verbose output, fix issue with VcRedist executables not being copied to the MDT deployment share
  • Update-VcMdtBundle - update inline help, update approach to finding the existing VcRedist bundle to fix an issue where the bundle isn't in the default location, update approach to updating bundle properties
  • Update Pester tests for public functions


  • Add $ProgressPreference = "SilentlyContinue" to `Save-VcRedist for faster downloads
  • Update manifest to support VcRedist 2019 14.25.28508.3
  • Update module description
  • Export variable VcManifest for future use


  • Updates the manifest for VcRedist 2019 14.24.28127.4
  • Updates to Import-VcConfigMgrApplication for UNC path and ConfigMgr module validation
  • Updates to Export-VcManifest to export entire manifest. Working toward automatic updates to the manifest with new VcRedist releases


  • Update the manifest for VcRedist 2019 version 14.23.27820.0 for Visual Studio 2019 16.3


  • VcRedists imported into the MDT deployment share don't have the Hide this application in the Deployment Wizard option enabled
  • Added -DontHide parameter to Import-VcMdtApplication to not hide applications in the MDT Deployment Wizard


  • Add default path for -Path parameter in Save-VcRedist and Install-VcRedist to address #53 and ensure function works when parameter is not specified
  • Add Begin,Process,End to fix pipeline support in Save-VcRedist, Install-VcRedist, Import-VcConfigMgrApplication, Import-VcMdtApplication, Update-VcMdtApplication and Update-VcMdtBundle and address #53
  • Add function Uninstall-VcRedist to manage uninstalling VcRedists
  • Update Pester tests for Public functions


  • Add basic proxy support to Save-VcRedist
  • Update output for Import-VcMdtApplication, New-VcMdtBundle, Update-VcMdtApplication, Update-VcMdtBundle to export all application properties
  • General code formatting and quality updates - use of full type names and cmdlet/function parameters, parameter splatting
  • Update verbose output messages
  • Consistent parameter declaration on Public functions
  • Additional Try/Catch statements for better handling of exceptions
  • Remove Begin/Process/End statements from functions that don't need to support multiple objects on the pipeline
  • Move module manifest location from /Manifest to top level module folder and update Get-VcList to reflect new location
  • Update AppVeyor integration and scripts layout


  • Update the manifest for VcRedist 2019 version 14.21.27702.2 for Visual Studio 2019 16.1



  • Simplify version semantics to
  • Add VcRedist 2019 to the manifest
  • Convert the manifest to JSON for easier management and simpler code
  • Update function Get-VcList to support JSON manifest format
  • Combine VcRedists into a single manifest
  • Rename Get-VcRedist to Save-VcRedist
  • Rename Import-VcCmApp to Import-VcConfigMgrApplication
  • Rename function Export-VcXml to Export-VcManifest
  • Rename Import-VcMdtApp to Import-VcMdtApplication
  • Split function Import-VcMdtApplication into Import-VcMdtApplication, Update-VcMdtApplication, New-VcMdtBundle, Update-VcMdtBundle to simplify code and provide more robust functions
  • Update HelpUri property on each function
  • Update Get-InstalledVcRedist to export additional properties including Release and Architecture
  • Add private functions New-MdtApplicationFolder, New-MdtDrive
  • Update function Get-VcList with -Export parameter for All, Supported, Unsupported
  • Add ability to filter Get-VcList output with -Release and -Architecture
  • Fix pipeline support for Install-VcRedist, Import-VcMdtApplication and Import-VcConfigMgrApplication to accept output from Get-VcList on the pipeline
  • Remove -Release and -Architecture parameters from Install-VcRedist, Import-VcMdtApplication and Import-VcConfigMgrApplication. Use Get-VcList to filter for release and architecture instead
  • Update Pester tests for public and private functions

  • Update manifests with correct details for VcRedist 2017 14.16.27027.1. v1.5.1.95 included the incorrect manifest commit.

  • Update manifests with VcRedist 2017 14.16.27024.1
  • Update module to export alias Save-VcRedist for Get-VcRedist. Next major version will rename Get-VcRedist to Save-VcRedist
  • Change -VcList to use [PSCustomObject] instead of [array] in Import-VcCmApp and Import-VcMdtApp
  • Update module icon to use new Visual Studio 2019 icon

  • Added private function Import-MdtModule to improve MDT module loading code
  • Update Import-VcMdtApp for more robust error checking
  • Update private function Get-ValidPath to avoid errors on invalid path
  • Update manifest with VcRedist 2017 version 14.16.27024.1

  • Fix private function Get-Bitness to ensure only single output when using no parameters or with -Architecture

  • Fixed incorrect working directory when importing VcRedists into MDT in Import-VcMdtApp

  • Add private function Invoke-Process (by Adam Bertram)
  • Update Install-VcRedist to use Invoke-Process for better Start-Process handling
  • Fix Resolve-Path / TrimEnd in private function Get-ValidPath
  • Fix relative path issue in Import-VcCmApp * closes issue #24
  • Bundle added to MDT now adds Redistributables as dependencies in order from oldest to newest
  • Splatting arguments in Install-VcRedist, Import-VcMdtApp, Import-VcCmApp
  • Code formatting updates
  • Documentation updates

  • Update manifests for latest 2017 release, version 14.15.26706.0
  • Update manifests with silent install command line arguments
  • Added -Silent switch to Install-VcRedist, Import-VcMdtApp & Import-VcCmApp to support optional silent install command line arguments
  • Added private function Get-Bitness to support determining processor architecture of current OS
  • Update Install-VcRedist to avoid installing 64-bit Redistributables on 32-bit Windows
  • Removed pipeline support for -VcRedist parameter in Install-VcRedist, Import-VcMdtApp & Import-VcCmApp. Passing output from Get-VcList to these commands is not working correctly. Pipeline support may be added back in a future release
  • Removed 2015 Redistributables from default value for -Release parameter for Install-VcRedist, Import-VcMdtApp & Import-VcCmApp functions to avoid installing 2015 then 2017 Redistributables that are the same major release version

  • Update manifests with 2013, version 12.0.40664
  • Added UninstallString to function Get-InstalledVcRedist output
  • Get-VcList will attempt to match the VcRedist version in the manifest to the Product Version property on an existing downloaded file. If the manifest has a higher version, the file will be re-downloaded
  • Added private function Get-FileMetadata to support retrieving Product Version from downloaded file
  • Update logic in Install-VcRedist when querying for installed VcRedists

  • Add Get-InstalledVcRedist, using private function Get-InstalledSoftware. Closing issue #18 with feature request for this function. Get-InstallSoftware function by Adam Bertram
  • Update manifests with correct ProductCodes
  • Update documentation

  • Update manifests with 2017, version 14.14
  • Update manifests with <Version></Version> to enable better install logic e.g. skipping installing 2015 over 2017

  • Fix import of Redistributables with correct x86, x64 platform selection in MDT application in Import-VcMdtApp
  • Fix import of Redistributables into a folder specified by -AppFolder where the folder already exists in Import-VcMdtApp

  • Update manifests with 2017 14.13.26020 release
  • Update module ReleaseNotes property with a link to changelog
  • Update functions with explicit Write-Output

  • Code formatting updates
  • Use Join-Path to build folder/file paths to better work on PSCore
  • Pester tests updates
  • Version update to better align with feature changes

  • Fixes to ConfigMgr application import

  • Add -Bundle to Import-VcMdtApp to create an Application Bundle with the Redistributables as dependencies. Redistributables will be hidden so that only the Bundle is selectable in the deployment wizard
  • Updating simple Pester tests and getting Appveyor integration working
  • Cleanup inline help
  • Generated external help with platyPS

  • Added function Import-VcCmApp for importing Visual C++ Redistributables into ConfigMgr.

  • Refactored into a PowerShell module to simplify coding and publishing to the PowerShell Gallery.