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Uninstall the Redistributables

To uninstall the Visual C++ Redistributables on the local machine, use Uninstall-VcRedist. This function accepts the release and architecture of the Visual C++ Redistributables and will attempt to perform a silent uninstall of the targeted Visual C++ Redistributables.

Uninstall-VcRedist requires elevated access to be able to uninstall the Redistributables.


Required parameters

None. If Uninstall-VcRedist is run without parameters, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to uninstall the Redistributable/s. Without additional parameters, Uninstall-VcRedist will attempt to uninstall all currently installed Redistributables.

Optional parameters

  • Confirm - Uninstall-VcRedist will not uninstall Redistributables by default. -Confirm:$true is required to enable Uninstall-VcRedist to uninstall the Redistributables.
  • Release - Specifies the release (or version) of the redistributables to uninstall (e.g., 2022, 2019, 2012, etc.)
  • Architecture - Specifies the processor architecture to of the redistributables to uninstall. Can be x86 or x64


The following command will uninstall all of the currently installed Visual C++ Redistributables on the local system.

Uninstall-VcRedist -Confirm:$true

This command will uninstall any 2008 release of the installed Visual C++ Redistributables.

Uninstall-VcRedist -Release 2008 -Confirm:$true