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Install the Redistributables

A quick install option is provided; however for a custom install of the Visual C++ Redistributables on a local machine, use Install-VcRedist. This function accepts the array of Visual C++ Redistributables passed from Get-VcList and installs the Visual C++ Redistributables downloaded to a local path with Save-VcRedist. The output from Save-VcRedist is required, because it includes the Path property that is populated with the path to each installer.

Install-VcRedist supports both passive installs (default) or silent installs with the -Silent parameter.

After the Visual C++ Redistributables are installed, the list of installed Visual C++ Redistributables is returned to the pipeline from Get-InstalledVcRedist.


Required parameters

  • VcList - An array containing details of the Visual C++ Redistributables from Save-VcRedist

Optional parameters

  • Silent - Configures the MDT application quiet install command to be completely silent instead of using the default passive install command line


The following commands will install the default supported Visual C++ Redistributables downloaded locally with Save-VcRedist to C:\Temp\VcRedist.

$VcList = Get-VcList | Save-VcRedist -Path C:\Temp\VcRedist
Install-VcRedist -VcList $VcList

These commands can be simplified by passing output to the subsequent command via the pipeline:

Get-VcList | Save-VcRedist -Path C:\Temp\VcRedist | Install-VcRedist -VcList $VcList

Fully silent install command line arguments can be specified with the -Silent parameter when installing the Redistributables.

Install-VcRedist -VcList (Get-VcList | Save-VcRedist -Path C:\Temp\VcRedist) -Silent

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables installed on the local PC