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Update Redistributables in MDT

Use Update-VcMdtApplication to update the Visual C++ Redistributables that have previously been imported into the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit by Import-VcMdtApplication. As updates Visual C++ Redistributables are released (typically updates to existing versions), the existing applications may require updating. While Import-VcMdtApplication supports the -Force parameter, it will first delete the existing application and re-import it. Update-VcMdtApplication will update the properties of the existing application, keeping the application GUID intact.

Visual C++ Redistributables can be filtered for release and processor architecture by Get-VcList before passing to Save-VcRedist and Import-VcMdtApplication. The output from Save-VcRedist is required, because it includes the Path property that is populated with the path to each installer.


Required parameters

  • VcList - An array containing details of the Visual C++ Redistributables from Save-VcRedist
  • MdtPath - the local or network path to the MDT deployment share

Optional parameters

  • Silent - Configures the MDT application quiet install command to be completely silent instead of using the default passive install command line
  • Force - Forces overwrite of an existing Visual C++ Redistributable application
  • AppFolder - Imports the Visual C++ Redistributables into a sub-folder. Defaults to VcRedists
  • MdtDrive - The drive letter that will be mapped to the MDT deployment share. Not required and defaults to DS001
  • Publisher - The publisher that will be assigned to the Visual C++ Redistributables bundle. Not required and defaults to "Microsoft"
  • Language - The language assigned to the Visual C++ Redistributables bundle. Defaults to en-US


Update the 2012, 2013 and 2022 supported Redistributables in an MDT deployment share with the fully silent install command line:

$VcList = Get-VcList | Save-VcRedist -Path C:\Temp\VcRedist
Update-VcMdtApplication -VcList $VcList -MdtPath \\server\deployment -Silent